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December is the time to plan your education strategy for next year as Knowledge Gives You The Power To Succeed, so the more you can learn, the more profitable you can become.  A key place for research and learning is Trade Shows, and January is a hot month with events in several key markets including: Decorated Apparel, Promotional Products, Digital Imaging, Signage, Consumer Products, Awards & Recognition.
Pick an event(s) that offers some fresh new opportunities and attend!  Visit booths, network with other business owners, talk to experts, engage in forums and take classes, lots of classes!
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Target Marketing: Promotional Products


It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time to take a look at some new market opportunities to pursue with your business.  One of particular interest is the Promotional Products Industry, which has a lot of potential for digital decorators.  So let’s take a look at what the marketplace is all about and what it has to offer.

Statistics show that on average it costs six times more to capture a new client than it does to retain an existing one, thus every business owner needs to focus on long-term customer retention as a profit building strategy.  Branded promotional products are a great way to accomplish this goal, as they are an effective tool for improving customer loyalty while keeping their brand visible.

Unlike traditional business marketing materials, such as a brochure, flyer or coupon, promotional products are designed with the idea that the customer will actually use the item and thus retain it for an extended period of time.  The end result is that they will be continually reminded of the business whose branding is imprinted on the product.  A secondary benefit, is that a promotional product in use will typically be seen by others, which means increased exposure for the brand.

Statistics show that promotional products have a profound effect on those who receive them. In a recent survey conducted by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), 76.1% of the respondents could recall the advertiser’s name on the branded promotional product that they had received in the last 12 months.  A study by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) showed that 62% of people (surveyed) had done business with a company AFTER receiving a promotional product from them. The research firm Silver Marketing Group reported that adding a promotional product to a direct mail campaign increased the response rate by 50%.

Sublimation is perfect for producing high quality hard and soft promotional products such as mobile device covers, business card holders, clipboards, mouse pads, mugs, coasters, apparel, awards, plaques, etc.  And because it’s an industry in itself, not only can you create and sell products directly to the end-user, you can also target Promotional Products companies who normally contract out their decoration services.  Here are some statistics about the industry:

  • Companies spend $16 billion a year on logoed promotional products.
  • 35% (or $5.5 billion in ad specialty revenue) is in the wearables category,
  • There are 130,000 potential distributor salespeople to target.
  • And, each distributor served an average of 234 clients in 2009 …

NOTE: In the Promotional Products world, those who do the selling directly to the end-user are called Distributors and those who do the product decoration are called Suppliers.

A great place to get started is by checking our webcasts entitled: Breaking Into The Promotional Products Industry


There are also two prominent Trade Organizations dedicated to the Promotional Products Industry:

ASI – Advertising Specialty Institute

PPAI – Promotional Products Association International

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September 2012 ink. differently Newsletter


Ink Differently Newsletter August 2011

Check out the September 2012 edition of Sawgrass Technologies’ Ink Differently Newsletter for the latest industry news on Webinars, Special Events and more. This month’s issue  features the top two fundraising approaches and showcases the NBM Philly Show and ISS Atlanta and Fort Worth along with complimentary Expo Passes!  Plus, don’t miss out on two brand new webinar topics!

Memorial Products
9/5: 4pm EST
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Weddings – Special Moments with Sublimation
9/18: 5pm EST
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Sublimation! – It’s A Lot More Than Mouse Pads & Coffee Mugs


August 23th: 7pm-8pm Eastern (11pm-12am GMT) REGISTER NOW >>

Looking for a way to expand your profits without blowing your bank account? Sublimation is a very cost effective, on demand process that opens the doors to a whole variety of product offerings. Photo gifts, performance apparel, plaques, personalized gifts, ad specialty products, signage, etc – the list is long. Learn how the process works, how to produce sublimated products,

Can’t make the webinar? Check out our Sublimation and Digital Decoration Webcasts 24/7.

August 2012 ink. differently Newsletter


Ink Differently Newsletter August 2011

Check out the August 2012 edition of Sawgrass Technologies’ Ink Differently Newsletter for the latest industry news on Webinars, Special Events and more. This month’s issue showcases the NBM Long Beach Show and ISS Las Vegas along with complimentary Expo Passes!  Plus, if your looking for ways to expand into the school market be sure and register for the Live Webinar on August 9th – Making Money In The School Market.

And don’t miss Part 2 of the CorelDRAW Lettering Webinar on August 21st !



Do You Want To Learn How To Make Money In The School Market?


August 9th: 5pm-6pm Eastern (9pm-10pm GMT) REGISTER NOW >>
The School Market offers a lot of possibilities for digital decorators, from uniforms to awards to spirit products to fundraisers. The key is targeting each of the many entities groups with the right products and messages. Join us for an informative session where we will discuss how to get your piece of the school pie. As an added bonus all ATTENDEES will receive a free copy of our all new Resource Guide – How To Market To Schools.

Can’t make the webinar? Check out our Sublimation and Digital Decoration Webcasts 24/7.

CorelDRAW Tips & Tricks – Lettering (Part 1)


August 7th: 4pm-5pm Eastern (8pm-9pm GMT) REGISTER NOW >>

Without a doubt, CorelDRAW is the graphic software of choice for many Sublimators. Simple and complex at the same time, it’s an efficient way to turn ordinary designs into extraordinary works of art. But the system is only as good as the person using it. Join CorelDRAW expert John McDaniel for this informative two part series on creating, editing and manipulating text.


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How To Sublimate Coated Ceramic Tile


July 24th: 5pm-6pm Eastern (9pm-10pm GMT) REGISTER NOW >>

Ceramic tile offers up all kinds of new possibilities for a growing sublimation company that go way beyond floors and back-splashes. Awards, souvenirs and personalized gifts can all be created using single coated ceramic tiles. But a much more exciting concept is to combine multiple tiles together to form an eye-catching mural which can range from 4 tiles mounted in a frame, to 100’s of tiles mounted on a wall. Without a doubt, ceramic tile sublimation is unique, creative and profitable.

Can’t make the webinar? Check out our Sublimation and Digital Decoration Webcasts 24/7.

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