Applications and Money Making Insights for the Business of Sublimation Printing

Made in the USA with Sublimation


Photo Courtesy of Geo Knight & Co.

Sublimation opens many doors for businesses looking to offer products that are made in the USA. First, this process enables businesses to become a local producer of goods, even if the supplies used in production are made overseas. By offering items that you create, print and press in your own facilities, you give your customers an opportunity to buy “Made in the USA” and support their local economy, as well.

Second, many of the supplies needed for sublimation are manufactured domestically. Buying substrates, inks and equipment produced here in America, you can give your customers even more Made in the USA value.

Sawgrass Technologies’ sublimation inks for desktop systems are produced in Charleston, S.C., and are the industry standard for sublimation printing. Many brands of heat presses are also manufactured in the U.S. Geo Knight & Co. has produced industrial print machinery from its Brockton, Mass., facilities since 1885, while Insta Graphic Systems’ heat presses are manufactured in California and other strategic locations. Now is a great time to check out Insta’s products, as they are currently offering a free Teflon sheet with the purchase of the new Model 201 heat press.

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Fundraising With Sublimation – Your Ticket Into The School Market


Back-to-school time is about more than getting kids, parents and teachers ready for another year of learning. It’s also an opportunity to help support schools and other nonprofits in your community by empowering them to take control of their fundraising programs.

With your sublimated products, these organizations can raise more money than have in the past, and your business can enjoy a boost in profits and gain a foothold in this new market. Here’s how:

  • Identify and profile the potential end-user.
  • Focus on creative, unique desirable products.
  • Develop a pricing structure that has at least a 50% margin potential.
  • Offer logical ways for selling and delivering merchandise to end-users.

Let’s see how this can work.

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Sublimated Poly-Performance Products Dominate the School Market


Without a doubt, poly-performance products are dominating the school apparel market. Thanks to major retail brands, such as Under Armour®, consumers are well educated about the benefits of this unique style of fabric. This translates into demand in the all-important youth market, especially now that the back-to-school and fall sports seasons are upon us. And of course, sublimation is one of the top choices for decorating these popular items.

What makes poly-performance apparel so appealing, you say? It offers cutting-edge moisture wicking capabilities, designed to draw perspiration away from the skin – not what you would expect from a 100 percent polyester fabric. On cold days, you stay comfortably dry when working in the yard or on the field. When it’s warm, you stay cool, even in the sun.

Because poly-performance products come in many different styles and options, they appeal to a broad range of customers. However, some of the very features that make these products so popular also create challenges when it comes to imprinting.

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