Applications and Money Making Insights for the Business of Sublimation Printing

Picture Perfect Sublimation: The Consumer Photo Market


It’s been said that items imprinted with a photo are never thrown away. Why should this be? We can think of two reasons. The first is that when a photo is sublimated onto a product, the perceived value of that item increases in the eyes of the beholder. The second, and perhaps more significant, reason is that item now holds emotional value, since pictures capture and preserve important moments in time.

Keep in mind that any product is only worth what a customer is willing to pay. In retail markets, of which sublimated consumer photo gifts are a part, that figure is based on the value the customer places on a product.

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Growing an Awards Business with Sublimated Photo Awards & Gifts


Wooden Plaque by UnisubFor someone in the awards and engraving business, photo awards and gifts might sound completely alien. They may conjure images of birthday parties and weddings, something that is pretty far removed from the normal day-to-day awards/engraving marketplace.

The reality is that sublimated photo gifts are an excellent complement to your business, as they can enable you to provide full-color awards, diversify your offerings to reach many different markets and industries, and open up new opportunities for profit.

Start by thinking about how you can incorporate a photographic image as the primary focal point on a commemorative product, such as an award – something you already know well. For example, sports awards likely account for a good portion of your business. How can you use specific photos to create awards that have more value than ones you’ve provided previously? The answer is sublimation.

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Picture Perfect Sublimation – The Pro Photo and Fine Art Markets


Photography that is sublimated onto metal, like these pieces in the Blazing Editions gallery in East Greenwich, RI, give the images a whole new dynamic.

Sublimation professionals already understand the power of a photo when it comes to producing high-margin, full-color products that stand out with style and distinction. However, most of that work is done at the consumer level, where the end-user is looking for a photo gift or plaque – something that captures a lifestyle moment and can be personalized with text and/or graphics.

In reality, the photo market has two distinct segments: consumer (photo gifts) and professional. The pro photo marketplace is composed of professional imagers and artists who have a need for high-quality, professional renderings. They depend on specialized production facilities that have the equipment and knowledge to process and deliver those images on a variety of high-end products.

Three key groups of professionals who have a need for sublimated pro photo products are: professional photographers, artists and architectural designers.

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